Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Festive Stuff

Here's a festive picture of me and my house-mates. I'll give you a hint which one is me ... The only blue one!! The others are Shadow and Zeus.

I know, I'm the cutest one there but don't tell the others!! They both think THEY are the cutest.

PLEASE remember to keep your house safe for your doggies this year. We don't always understand why we can't eat the ornaments or pee on the tree. It takes time for us to learn that we can't open the presents BEFORE a certain day. (More on this later...)

We LOVE to eat table scraps ... hint hint. Just remember not to give too much of that fatty stuff because it can cause something called pancreatitis ... mom is always careful to give us very little fatty snackers but I don't mind because I LOVE veggies!!

Poinsettia plants are POISONOUS so don't leave them where your dogs and cats can reach them ... they have lovely red leaves and are so yummy looking ... mmmm ... sometimes even I forget that they're not edible!

And seriously ... do you REALLY think I remember uncle George from last year?? Is he the one with the overbearing cologne or is he the one that chased me around the house to give me a hug?? I don't do hugs ... most certainly NOT from stranger danger. Either way, please don't expect me to understand that these strangers aren't dangers. They may be your family but they aren't necessarily mine. I'll try to remember not to bite him but I make no promises ...


  1. What a gorgeous dog you are!! Your parents are very lucky to have you. Thanks for all the tips!!

  2. Merry Christmas to the whole pack:)