Tuesday, December 11, 2012

BCRO and my adoption

My foster family was lots of fun. They taught me all sorts of stuff like how to be in a crate and that strangers aren't so bad.

I stayed at Border Collie Rescue for a while. I loved herding their lawntractor and one of my favourite pastimes was playing in their doggie pool.

They were very nice people and I liked it there but it was too busy and there wasn't space for me to stay. It was just a temporary stop. They took me to the vet and found out I have a heart murmur. I had an ECG ... I'm not sure how much that cost but my foster family (Cindy and Chris) just wanted me to be healthy so they paid it anyway. They are good people.

I wanted to stay with Cindy and Chris because I loved them so much but we all knew I had to find my own home where my people could dote on me. I had mixed feelings when I found out that a young couple wanted to meet me. I was scared and excited all at the same time.

What if they didn't like me? What if they did? What if they took me home and I loved them and they didn't love me? What if they didn't have the patience for a 10 month old ACD puppy? What if I made them mad?

You know what? I shouldn't have worried because Cindy and Chris interviewed that couple extensively. I didn't even know! They spent a lot of time making sure I went to a good home. But I did worry.

One of the conditions to the adoption was that I had enough herding drive to work sheep. The lady wanted to do herding and I was to be her first dog! Oh boy ... No pressure!!

So, we set up a meeting with another lady named "Sue" (who, by the way, is the most fun person and she lets me chase her sheep! I mean ... Work her sheep). I got to get my first taste of chasing sheep that day. It was so much fun and I thought "maybe this won't be so bad".

My new mom came out to see me work sheep. I worried I would make her disappointed that I didn't know how to walk nicely or say hi and that I didn't know how to move the sheep but you know? She didn't care that I didn't know ... She said we would learn together.

I hugged Chris goodbye and got into the crate in the back of new mom's car. As we drove away I was more scared than I ever had been in my whole life. What was waiting for me? Will I be the only animal? Will there be others people? Will I like the people?

What will happen to me?

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