Friday, December 7, 2012

Booties and Vomit and Diapers ... Oh my!!!

Ok, so I figure I should tell you a little about how I am writing this blog before I go any further. You see, I know you can't fully appreciate why I see things how I do unless you know a bit of my background so, I will write some posts to tell you about things the way they were PRE-booties.

people just don't get it. They see the changes in their own lives when they have a kid but they just don't seem to understand how kids change the life of a dog. My hope is that by hijacking my moms keyboard, I - Kosha the wonder-dog - can help you to understand the "plight of the paw-people" when their life is thrown into turmoil by new puppies ... Or, as humans call them ... "Babies".


  1. LOL, shouldn't it be booties and vomit and diapers, oh YUM?
    My Flip thinks all babies are deliciously lickable.
    I cannot imagine the chaos! Good luck!

  2. Hahaha ... Totally! All of the above make for good eating.