Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I'm Not a Blue Step Stool!

Maybe I should write a blog called "why dogs bite kids" and maybe people would understand how frustrating it is sometimes to be a dog. I have learned to love the kid ... Don't get me wrong. It has taken some time (which I will detail in another post) but I can honestly say he's not that bad. But......

I have to announce to everyone that I am most definitely NOT a blue step stool! Last night I was minding my own business trying to catch up on a couple of zzzzs (which are hard to find around our house nowadays). I tried to be as little as possible curled up by the couch. Being the smallest dog, this is pretty easy. Just as I closed my eyes, along comes The Kid.

I thought maybe he was on his way to his toy box so I didn't think anything of it. Next thing I know, he's standing on me! He was trying to climb onto the couch by using me as a stool!

I was so flabbergasted that this was happening that I didn't even get up. I just lay there looking at The Kid standing on me. I can't believe it. Me. The chosen one. Degraded to a step stool.

The worst thing? Mom and dad thought it was funny and they told me I was a good dog for not biting The Kid! They didn't even yell at him! Not fair. When I step on one of the other dogs I get in trouble, how come The Kid gets special treatment?

I gotta say ... This is why dogs bite kids. The world isn't fair for dogs.


  1. You are a very, very VERY good dog!!

    My old red dog loathed children of this age... She'd growl at them, when she got older.
    It was kinda embarassing.

    YOU Are a great dog!!

  2. Thank you. Mom and Dad have been teaching me that things babies do is ok and fun. I'll tell you about them as I publish posts but it takes a long time to get these paws to type the right letters ... they really should make keyboards for dogs bigger than those you people use!